Fiber Optic Connectivity Experts:
The INTELDAT Management Team

Miroslav Kek

A graduate of the University of Zagreb, where he studied electrical engineering with a goal of working in the telecommunications markets, Miroslav has been active in the fiber optic industry since 1994. 

His main activity in INTELDAT is trade and development of business opportunities, and adaptation of the product portfolio to customer demands. He solves relationships with suppliers and partners from all over the world, with one goal - to design and deliver to customers the right solutions for their fiber optics requirements.

Miroslav has deep knowledge of the trends, markets, products, and technical developments in fiber optics, across all potential applications. Among the complex fiber optic projects that Miro has brought to successful implementation are:

  • Development of local area networks and data center applications for Procter & Gamble, Xerox, Charles University of Prague, and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
  • Design and implementation of WDM and telecommunications infrastructures for the Czech academic network CESNET, T-Mobile, Cetin and Vodafone
  • Participation in design and implementation of optical networks for government institutions, the banking sector, academic sphere, and industry 
  • Cooperation with 3M, HP, Infinera, Siemens, IBM, Omnitron, Ekinops, and many more
  • Establishing a company specialized in production and development of fiber optics components

Kateřina Hodinková 

Kateřina studied at the Střední ekonomická škola (School of Economics) in Prague, where she concentrated on business operations, human resources and accounting. Her studies, and previous experience at two other telecommunications technology companies, prepared her perfectly to be the Operations Manager for INTELDAT.

In her position, Kateřina solves problems connected with operational functioning of the whole company. She knows procedures and can set them up; interviews, hires and trains production workers in the various aspects of their jobs; and is responsible for delivering all products and systems at the highest quality, with an approach to zero defects in every production run. 

Vlasta  Krahulcová

As graduate of the Czech Technical University in Prague with a degree in architecture, Vlasta has had a varied career that touches on both design and technology. 

Her most important professional experience came in property management – office and commercial facilities that were trend-setting and top-ranked, thanks to her guidance and focus on improvement in every detail.

Her most interesting professional experiences are connected to project management such as furnishing of a special computer training center or ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. She also gained experience in another use of light, while working for a designer and manufacturer of LED lighting systems.

At INTELDAT, Vlasta holds a position as Board Director, dealing with the strategic tasks, plans and projects of the company; and overseeing implementation of efficient design and production processes that result in the highest quality components for complex optical fiber systems.